of cyber attacks is because of stolen or weak passwords


loss per year as a result of account takeover


of people use the same password for all of their accounts


What it solves?

Today, we use different identities while accessing digital or physical services: a social identity for a Twitter or Facebook account, a physical ID such as proximity card when entering a building, or an official ID that contains official ID card information when using an e-government service. From an administrative point of view, it becomes a nightmare for businesses to manage all these identities with different needs and policies; from a security perspective, keeping all these identities secure is a very difficult task (statistics show that 81% of cyber attacks are caused by users’ stolen or weak passwords). Also, managing many different IDs, each with a different level of security, is almost an herculean task. Therefore; users pose a major security risk by choosing the same credentials for different services. SecurifyID offers both users and organizations an easy-to-manage, secure and user-friendly identity and access management solution.


How it solves?

From users point of view, SecurifyID is a digital identity application where users can download it to their phones for free and securely use multi-factor authentication (mfa, 2fa) functions for all their identities within a single application. When evaluated from an institutional point of view, SecurifyID enables organizations to centrally manage identities of all their users, analyze behavioral and contextual features of users at login time using techniques of artificial intelligence and behavioral biometrics, and applies a wide range of static and dynamic access control rules to the users. SecurifyID is an identity and access management system that can provide risk-based and adaptive multi-factor authentication.


SecurifyID supports a wide range of factors

You can easily configure the type of security factor to be used

SMS and Email
Online OTP
QR Code
Offline TOTP

Integration with major systems

SecurifyID can be integrated with major systems using either their built-in second factor options or through custom plugins.

Office 365
Google Systems
Social Media

For Individuals

Just download SecurifyID app and start using for free

For Enterprises

Contact us to try SecurifyID in your Enterprise for free

Our adaptive MFA solution supports both

On-Premise Environment

Secure your company with an MFA system runs on on-premise servers

Cloud-Based Environments

Secure your company with an MFA system runs on cloud-based servers

Behavioral Biometrics

Did you know that the behavior you show while typing your username and password on your keyboard is unique to you and cannot be easily imitated? Thanks to the behavioral biometrics factor in SecurifyID, it is possible to provide multi-factor authentication implicitly without changing the user experience. The timing and other sensor data collected during users’ access to the system on their computers or phones are analyzed with a machine learning model, so it can be distinguished whether the user is the real user or someone else. This way, even if someone steals your password, it is detected with the help of behavioral biometrics and you are informed instantly


Secure your system with SecurifyID

Advanced Threat Management

With advanced threat management system, it is possible to detect threats, take necessary measures and keep detailed records.


Rule Based

For your security, you can compose any login rule you want. You can specify the cases that you think are dangerous by creating special rules through many parameters such as IP addresses, time information, and user groups


Risk Based

You can define your security risks in more detailed form with mathematical formulas. For instance, you can determine how much various login contextual data such as different IP address, different location, different operating system increase your risk

AI Based

You can take advantage of anomaly detection techniques automatically activated to detect malicious attempts which minimize error rates using sophisticated algorithms fed by behavioral biometrics and other contextual data




It is possible to create notifications such as e-mail and SMS when a threat is detected by the system



When a threat is detected by the system, you can trigger any system you want, such as a firewall



It is possible to automatically stop to the threat captured by the system at its source




When the risk rises above a certain level, you can automatically enable secondary or tertiary authentication factors


Advanced Logging

Thanks to the advanced audit system, the data such as successful / unsuccessful user login information, anomaly situations involving risk, active and passive rules is recorded in full detail. This detailed audit information can be reported and transferred to different third party systems

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